Co-curricular Actvities



Student Union

To cultivate and imbibe the spirit of unity in diversity among  students the university demands the formation of students union.  It is a necessity and requirement to formulate the young, vibrant group that enables them to enhance their talents  and potentials . It is an unifying force that upgrade and elevates the students, institution and society. The student union is formed  by  nomination committee on merit basis and at its discretion of the college. The student union consists of  "Students Council" and the "Activity Societies. "

Student Nurse Association (SNA)

Student Nurses Association is a nation wide organization. It helps students in integral formation of character and upholding the dignity and ideals of the profession for which they are qualifying. It helps to promote a corporate spirit among students for common good. The students are given more and more responsibilities to manage their affairs both at state and at national level.

Activity Calendar

Nursing college arranges for the all round development as well as for academic excellence. Students are given opportunities to be exposed in various places.

Well organized and functioning clinical posting at Holy Cross Hospital Ambikapur.
Mental health nursing posting in Central Institute of Psychiatric Ranchi.
Rural and Urban community posting.
30 days of annual leave for each group of students.
Specialty posting in different super specialty hospitals in India .
Exams every 3 month 1st terminal exam, 2nd terminal exam and model exam .
Preparation leave for 2-3  weeks prior to annual examination.
Education tour, picnic, sports competitions are arranged for students.