About the College

Holy Cross CollegeHoly Cross College of Nursing is one of the premier institutions of  Higher  Education in  Nursing in Chhattisgarh, managed  by Pavitra Cruz Sisters Association - Ambikapur. It began with the idea of providing higher education in the field of nursing, particularly for the girls of the tribal belt of Chhattisgarh and  surrounding states.
Our college is considered as one of the best  Colleges of Nursing in the state, having highly committed staff and furnished  and equipped well with  labs, class rooms, auditorium, conference hall, variety of A.V Aid equipments and other facilities such as internet facility for staff and students, hostel for girls and mess service etc.
The college encourages spiritual exercises, high degree of discipline and commitment by the staff and students and as a result achieve good academic performance leading to  excellent and compassionate  service to the sick.

The graduates of our college are well placed anywhere in the country and abroad. College provides chances to the staff and students for all-round development through seminars, workshop, courses at international, national and local level.  The  students actively participate in co-curricular activities at national, state and local college levels.


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