Rules and Regulations

Holycross College of Nursing

Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations

1. Students are accountable to the Principal for their behavior both in and out of the college.

2. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. The anti ragging committee will take immediate action of the occurrence in ragging.

3. Students shall wear prescribed uniform while on duty and arrange it at her own cost.

4. No students shall collect any money as contribution for picnic, trip, get -together, charity or any other activity without the prior sanction of the principal.

5. No students shall communicate any information or write about matters concerning the college administration to the press or to any outside agency.

6. Personal/ group entertainment items like radio, walkman is not allowed in the college.

7. Library rules are to be strictly followed. Any student who takes books from the library without permission or cut pages out of library books exposes herself to grave penalties.

8. All the students are expected to participate in the student union activities and in the professional activities being member of the professional body called Student Nurses Association and Student Union.

9. Democratic atmosphere is maintained among the students and necessary counseling / guidance is given to the students to solve personal problems.

10. The head of the institution shall have power to suspend for such time as may be necessary a student temporarily from the institution pending enquiry into her conduct in connection with the alleged offence.

11. Authority will not be responsible for students attempting/committing suicide of any kind.

12. Every students in the college shall at all times be of good behavior and observe all rules and maintain discipline of the institute and the university.